Atomic Revolver

Atomic Revolver is a virtual studio collective of creators working primarily in comics (featuring B. Clay Moore, Tony Moore, Jeremy Haun, Seth Peck, Jason Aaron, and Jason Latour) with experience in all media, banding together to form a dangerously innovative think-tank, destined to take over the world for its own good.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Atomic Revolver locked and loaded for Chicago

Three of us will be exhibiting in Chicago for Wizard World (Chicago). We'll all be clustered together here (along the back wall of Artist's Alley):


Tony Moore: Table 5504

Jeremy Haun: Table 5502

B. Clay Moore: Table 5500

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

SCALPED Vol. 1 trade paperback now available

It collects the first five issues of SCALPED, along with an intro by some guy named Brian K. Vaughan, all for only $9.99.

Check it out at

Also, SCALPED #8 is out today, which features a knife fight involving a bull and a man getting beat in the face with a cowbell. Enjoy.

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